Too Busy to Improve…or save money?

As I continue on this path of saving business owners money through tax incentives and cost reductions, I often hear the response, “We are already doing that,” or “My CPA handles all that for me.”

Are You too busy to improveReally? I’ve been amazed that business owners won’t take at least 20 minutes to explore the possibility that maybe there IS something they can do better or a way to save money that they weren’t aware of.

But, to be fair, I do understand that business owners are swamped with offers of a better product or service that always promises to improve their bottom line.

This reluctance to even listen to a new pitch is what I’ll call “pitch weariness”; being inundated by so many people promising so many things that when a truly unique opportunity comes along, the business owner may dismiss the opportunity as just “one of the same” or “too good to be true”.

However, Stryde Solutions IS that unique offer that can bring significant savings to business owners without requiring them to buy a new product or change ANY of their business practices! Better yet, Stryde performs all the initial analysis on our own dime!

If we can’t find you savings, there is NO CHARGE!

We have on-staff lawyers, tax accountants, and construction engineers to perform the necessary analysis that the IRS requires in order to file and claim the tax incentives that most people don’t even know exist. In 16 years of operations, Stryde has secured over $500 million in tax savings for thousands of businesses!

So, if your company does ANY of the following things, you need to talk to me:

  • Hire Employees (W2; even part-time)
  • Own Commercial Property
  • Manufacture a product
  • Renovate your property/place of business
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Ship products to customers
  • Pay Property Taxes
  • Pay for waste/recycling
  • Pay for Worker’s Comp insurance

Don’t throw money away because you’re too busy to hear opportunity knocking!

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